A mill from Saxon days; neither house, valley nor farming are much altered since the mid-1700s and have recently been carefully restored to maintain the traditional farm uses and landscape.


Bere Mill is a rare and quite well preserved example of the traditional landscape of North Hampshire, the farmscape is pre-Enclosure:

‘the houses lie scattered abroad, eache one dwelling in the midst of his owne occupying’ – (Harrison 16)

The Mill and its history

Rebuilt in 1710 on the site of previous mills and then let to a Huguenot immigrant who created a fortune by supplying bank note paper to the Bank of England, Bere Mill was left for two centuries as a memory of the ‘house where we started’ by the Portal family.

Bere Mill was purchased by Rupert, an information industry entrepreneur, and Elizabeth Nabarro in the early 1990’s bringing to an end its commercial uses and 280 years ownership by the Portals. It is now a family home.