Bere Mill: Developments…

Bere Mill is undergoing a facelift!

The stable block immediately in front of the house is being re-developed to include a purpose built cold room and meat collection point. This will enable us to hang our own beef, lamb and hogget to our own specifications and reduces yet further any external influneces in the farming and meat delivery process that marks Bere Mill produce aside from so much other meat produced.

Through 2017 we are hoping to have beef, lamb and hogget fresh monthly so please recommend us to your friends, continue to come to us for your meat or join our monthly beef subscription boxes which will be available for order  in the next few weeks.


For those of you interested in stock, we currently have 55 pedigree Welsh Mountain Ewes, 65 Suffolk ewes and a small number of scotch cross and Charollais ewes. The welsh Mountain ewes will provide high quality hogget: they grow far too slowly to eat in the first year! The Suffolks, Charollais and Scotch crosses should however provide good quality lamb which will be ready at different times throughout the year.

We have 65 head of pedigree Belted Galloway cattle and 2 Aberdeen Angus Heifers who we will try crossing with Rufus the Belted Galloway bull.